Dual HDmi Input Module for Plasma Series 10 Only

Panasonic TY-FB10HMD Monitor Terminal Expansion Board TY-FB10HMD LCD & Flat Panel Terminal Boards

Product Features

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  • Monitor / Display / Projector

2 thoughts on “Dual HDmi Input Module for Plasma Series 10 Only”

  1. Bulletproof and simple to install. Designed exclusively for Panasonic’s Professional 10UKA series plasma. These adapters are heavy duty in every way, they have the feel of military grade hardware and its easy to see why they’re so expensive but if you want more HDMI ports for your new Panny you don’t have a whole lot of choice.Easy and simple installation. Just remove 4 screws, insert module which glides exactly and blind mates perfectly inside the TV housing. Screw into place, plug in your new HDMI cable and you are…

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