Omnimount Play 40, for 30 to 55 inches TV.With Constant Force Technology

Don’t just sit and watch your TV – get up and interact with it! With horizontal and vertical movement, the PLAY40 allows you to interact with your TV when watching movies, gaming, exercising and more. The PLAY40 is equipped with Ergotron’s patented Constant Force technology, providing fluid, light-touch adjustments for effortless arm movement.

Product Features

  • Patented Constant Force Technology allows 20″ of easy, smooth, continuous vertical and horizontal movement for perfect TV placement
  • Gravity Pivot enables tilting capabilities without knobs or levers
  • Improves ergonomic viewing for TVs mounted high on the wall.
  • Extends a maximum of 24″ from wall when in use and adjusts to 5.5″ when retracted
  • Best mounting choice for HDTV, 3DTV, gaming, fitness, and entertaining
  • Being hight adjustable it will always give you a perfect angle

2 thoughts on “Omnimount Play 40, for 30 to 55 inches TV.With Constant Force Technology”

  1. Good design – Info on how to offset base on the wall for the backed-to-wall position Images I had added disappeared after I edited this review. This is a known Amazon bug.Here is link to Photobucket:http://s43.photobucket.com/user/brd9816/library/play70(Two TVs that you see are a 60Inch LG Plasma, and a 50Inch Panasonic Plasma. They somehow look much smaller probably due to the wide-angle camera.)I love this! It works as promised.Overall, I highly recommend this product. This will significantly improve your TV viewing experience…

  2. I Returned It First review of this product.OK, why 5 stars when I returned it?Because the Play70 is a very well-engineered and high quality piece of hardware.But… it was not the best solution for my bedroom and TV.I ended up with a ceiling mount. This was only because my wall was short and there were no studs available in the only place I could mount the Play70.However, things to know about the Omnimount –It is big and heavy.31 pounds.You…

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