Panasonic LRU 42″ LED 720p Hospitality / Hotel HD LED TV TH-42LRU7

A full high definition TV panel with approximately twice as many pixels as conventional panels produces the kind of detailed images that are best utilized with large screens. The LRU7/6 Series’ built-in ambient light sensor (C.A.T.S.) automatically adjusts the television’s screen brightness and contrast to suit the lighting of the room. This not only optimizes picture performance; but it also helps keep power consumption low – so you can maximize your guests’ experience while saving on energy costs. The LED backlight consumes only about half the power of a conventional fluorescent type. This high energy-saving performance significantly reduces the running cost. Installation and management are simplified with a built-in terminal adaptor and centralized FTG channel management. When adding TVs; the TV settings can be copied into USB memory and easily installed into the new models. This also helps to reduce costs by shortening the installation time.

Product Features

  • Screen Size: 42″
  • Maximun Resolution: 720p
  • Integrated Speakers: Yes
  • Backlit Technology: Direct LED
  • Digital Tuner: ATSC

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