Panasonic PV-M1349 13-Inch TV/VCR Combo

The Panasonic PV-M1349 TV/VCR Combo is perfect if you have limited space, but want maximum quality. Features a high-contrast picture tube with 181-channel tuning capability (NOTE: with today’s digital OTA broadcasting, a digital-to-analog converter box is required for antenna TV reception; WILL WORK directly with cable or satellite service). The VCR comes complete with an eight-event/one-year timer, eight-hour recording, auto power on/play/rewind/shutoff, and digital auto tracking. It comes loaded with conveniences, including digital remote, commercial skip, on-screen adjustments, time and channel display, sleep timer, closed caption capability, and a FM radio. The on-screen VCR operating displays make it easy for anyone to use. With its stylish black finish and space-saving potential, this combo is ideal for small areas such as the kitchen or office. Other features include: Auto tape repeat, Quick-play mechanism, Timer backup, VHS index-search system. Includes remote control and owner’s manual. FREE BONUS: Includes a dozen (12) Disney VHS full-length movies (used). Titles may vary, but will consist of classic Disney titles for children. Babysit the kids with this TV/VCR Combo!

Product Features

  • 13-inch diagonal mono TV/2-head mono VCR
  • FM radio with auto scan and nine presets
  • Alarm clock wakes you to a videotape, TV program, FM radio station, or beeping earphone jack
  • Includes remote
  • Front A/V input jacks

3 thoughts on “Panasonic PV-M1349 13-Inch TV/VCR Combo”

  1. A Customer This TV/VCR Combo has many usefull fetures. The time index search is handy when you have more than one programm on a tape, especially the timer stamp feature that catalogues the timer recorded events for easy access, and the captioning on mute is useful when you get a phone call and want to keep up with the movie. The record quality on the 2-head VCR on SLP was almost indistinguishable from the original screening. What impressed me most, however, was the picture qualtity, it is sharper…

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