Lutema Y66-LMP-PI Toshiba 75007110A Replacement DLP/LCD Projection TV Lamp (Philips Inside)

Lutema “Philips Inside” Replacement Lamp for Toshiba Part Number Y66-LMP 75007110A. This lamp provides OPTIMAL Brightness and is the Longest-Lasting Replacement Lamp for your Toshiba DLP / LCD Projection Television. Lutema “Philips Inside” Replacement Lamps are rated at 6000hrs of lifetime and restore 100% of your Televisions brightness. Compatible with the following television models: 50HM66, 56HM66, 56HM16, 50HMX96, 56HMX96,

Product Features

  • Replaces Y66-LMP 75007110A – Lutema Philips replacement lamp provides OPTIMAL brightness and is the Longest-Lasting replacement lamp for your DLP / LCD Projection Television.
  • Compatible with the following Television Models: 50HM66, 56HM66, 56HM16, 50HMX96, 56HMX96,
  • Manufactured by MI Technologies, – A Product Proudly Manufactured in North America.
  • For Optimal Brightness and Lifespan – choose the “Philips Inside” Replacement Lamp. Restores 100% Brightness and Lasts Longer!
  • We recommend the Lutema Premium or Philips Brand Solutions for the best picture quality, brightness, and lifespan.