Philips 42PF7321D 42-Inch Plasma HDTV

Philips 42PF7321D 42″ Plasma HDTV

Product Features

  • Built in ATSC Quam tuner
  • Pixel Plus for increased resolution
  • HDMI and 2 HD-CVI inputs
  • USB connect for picture and music
  • Side AV and Headphone output

3 thoughts on “Philips 42PF7321D 42-Inch Plasma HDTV”

  1. Great Picture for the Price I found the TV around which to build our new den.Stores never seem to set up HDTVs properly and do not do them justice. They usually have standard signals that are split to many TVs. The pictures are not true HDTV or the video is highly compressed causing a lot of pixelation (cartoonish squares).The Phillips looks absolutely fantastic when the component cables are used with Progressive Scan DVDs and HDTV broadcast signals.Many people do not realize that your…

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