Philips CCB130 13-Inch TV/VCR Combo , Black

The Philips CCB130AT 13-inch TV/VCR combo is loaded with convenience features. The built-in VCR requires no cables and offers one-touch recording, digital auto tracking, and eight-event/one-year programming. A camcorder and headphones can be plugged into the front audio-video and headphone jacks. The Philips CCB130AT’s SmartClock automatically maintains the correct time, regularly checking and updating if necessary. The clock even adjusts for daylight-saving time changes twice a year. Timer and programming settings are safely stored in memory, regardless of power outages. Other features include 181-channel tuning, auto channel setup, auto eject, auto head cleaner, auto play, auto repeat, auto rewind, auto power off, closed captioning, front-panel menu access, onscreen English/Spanish menu programming, real-time counter, remote control, and V-chip.

The combo measures 15.25 by 15.75 by 14.75 inches and weighs 23.5 pounds.

The unit is covered by a warranty of a year on parts, 90 days on labor.

Product Features

  • Auto clock set with time-zone select
  • Timer/programmer backup memory
  • Auto head cleaner
  • Digital auto tracking
  • V-chip parental control

2 thoughts on “Philips CCB130 13-Inch TV/VCR Combo , Black”

  1. lacks durability, not for young kids We own two of these little televisions. I can’t quite remember when we bought them but it’s been at least four years and we haven’t any problems with them, despite the fact that they are used on a fairly constant basis — one strictly by the children.One of them has been lugged (they aren’t light) to vacation spots and even the hospital on one occasion. This same one has been used by our kids since the youngest was about three. The tape player has worked fine even though we have…

  2. We were very happy with this TV/VCR when we first received it. It was very easy to use and quite portable. But then after 2 weeks the play button on the front panel stopped working. A week later as I was getting ready to take it to the repair shop, my daughter stuck some crayons in the VCR slot. When I took it into the repair shop, the receptionist said not to worry about it, kids stick stuff in VCRs all the time and it’s not that big a deal. Well the next day I got a call from the…

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