Philips DVDR3575H/37 1080p Upscaling OTA HDTV Hard disk/DVD recorder with Built-In Tuner

DVD Recorder, 160 GIG built-in Hard Disc Drive to recored and save you favorite programs, Pause live TV and instant replay, Dual Media-records and plays in DVDR-R-RW and DVD+R+RW, Built ATSC digital SDTV tuner to receive digital HD TV broadcasts, HDMI 1080p/720p upscaling to deliver true HD picture performance, DivX to play downloaded PC movies and video DVD’s, Progressive Scan, i-Link for easy connection to play and record your camcorder recording,Plays MP3/WMA, CD’s, CD-R-RW, Video CD’s

Product Features

  • DVD Recorder with 160 GB built-in HDD Hard Disc Drive
  • Dual Media play and record in DVD-R-RW and DVD+R+RW
  • 1080p and 1080i upscaling for optimum HD picture performance FREE Over The Air OTA Terrestrial HDTV HDMI DVR
  • Pause live TV and instant replay
  • ATSC digital HD/SD TV tuner built in — records and displays in standard definition only

3 thoughts on “Philips DVDR3575H/37 1080p Upscaling OTA HDTV Hard disk/DVD recorder with Built-In Tuner”

  1. Good quality, but still a few flaws. You know how you buy a product, and it doesn’t have all the features you need? Well, this is another one of those. I’ve never understood why manufacturers sell products without all the features – I guess they need their customers to upgrade every now and then, huh?I currently have a Panasonic DMR-E80H (80GB hard drive) that has worked flawlessly and is still kickin today. The time had come for me to buy another DVD Recorder. After TONS of research, I bought a RCA DRC8000N. This…

  2. Great DVD Recorder for the money I purchased this unit a few days ago at Walmart for about three-hundred dollars plus tax (regular price) — still cheaper than Amazon. So far, I love it. You can record from the DVD to the Hard Dive and from the Hard Drive to a DVD. Of course, you can’t record a copyrighted protected DVD. You can play and record to DVD-R/+R or DVD-RW/+RW, and you can play a CD. You can’t play or record to DVD-RAM, but since none of my other DVD players play DVD-RAM, that’s okay. There is no TV-guide as it…

  3. Great unit for a simple person like me. Wow!!! This is my first dvd recorder and I am very pleased. I wanted to replace my VCR and so far, this has done the job and some.I dont have cable, (dont watch enough tv to pay 48.00 per month, okay, hell, i’m cheap, lol) so the clarity of my signal was dependent on the weather. Well, this unit has a digital tuner which is crystal clear, and I gained an additonal 3 staions to go with the 8 I already have.With the harddrive I can record up to 200 hrs worth of video,…

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