Philips HDR312 TiVo 30-Hour Digital Video Recorder

Unlike analog VCRs, Philips’s HDR312 personal TV receiver uses TiVo technology to store compressed audio-video data to a computer hard disk. When you’re ready to watch a preselected program, the HDR312 retrieves it upon command from a list of shows you’ve recorded.

Among the most revolutionary aspects of the Philips/TiVo server is the ability to pause live broadcasts and either resume a program where you left off or return to the program in real time. For example, while watching live sporting events, you can replay the last eight seconds of the action. You can then return to the live broadcast at any time. Using the palm-size remote, you can rewind and fast-forward pretaped programs, skipping through recorded commercials if you choose.

Philips supplies all the necessary cables for setting up the HDR312, including a 50-foot phone line and splitter. You don’t need a separate phone line; simply connect the splitter to the wall, connect your phone and receiver cable to the splitter, and you’re in business. The phone line is vital, however, for downloading TV listings; recording shows; and receiving TiVo’s Suggestions feature, which suggests programs you might enjoy based on your previous selections, and TiVolution Magazine, which offers recommendations on the best programs to watch. After the initial download, the receiver spends about five minutes updating your programming data each night.

TiVo’s onscreen setup guide includes easy step-by-step instructions. TiVo charges $12.95 a month for its weekly listing service, TiVolution Magazine, and its Suggestions feature, or you can pay a one-time service charge of $299.

Once you’ve selected a program to record, you have four choices of picture quality: basic, medium, high, or best. The higher settings take up more storage space, which translates into fewer hours of available record time.

Product Features

  • 225 channels featuring movies, sports, and pay-per-view programming
  • Up to 30 hours of storage capacity
  • 8-second instant replay feature
  • Pause, fast-forward, and rewind
  • Jump-to-live button on remote

3 thoughts on “Philips HDR312 TiVo 30-Hour Digital Video Recorder”

  1. For once, a product that lives up to its ad slogans TiVo’s claim that they’ll change the way you watch TV is completely true. Being able to pause or replay whatever you’re currently watching to grab a snack, answer a call, etc. is great. You can’t imagine how helpful it is to have almost two weeks of programming information available to pick and chose what to record for the next few days.I’d recommend the 30hr unit over the 14hr if you can afford it. After you start searching the two week guide by program name, channel name,…

  2. Tivo vs. ReplayTV I have spent the past 30 days evaluating both a ReplayTV and a Tivo personal digital recorder and this is a brief review of my experience.If Tivo did not exist, I would probably tell you that ReplayTV was the coolest gadget that I have ever used. However, Tivo has done such a superior job designing their user interface and their remote control that there is no comparison between the two, Tivo is the hands down winner.ReplayTV’s major problem is that they have no sorting system to…

  3. More TiVo is better TiVo I’m now a two TiVo family! Iput my model 112 in my bedroomand hooked up my model 312 tomy living room televison.My new 312 looks identical to the112 but does weigh a few morepounds.I now have enough storage capacity to record just about everything I’d wantto see that comes out of thecable company’s wire!The onlythings I watch live anymoreare news and sports.I use my312 to record mostly movies and documentaries.I use my112 in the bedroom to recordStar Trek and 20/20.I lovewatching an episode…

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