Philips PET749/37 7- Inch Portable Digital LCD DTV and DVD Player with 180- Degrees swivel screen, Black

The Philips Portable DVD player PET749 has a built-in digital TV receiver so you can enjoy free-to-air digital TV programs. The 7- Inch, crystal-clear, TFT LCD delivers DTV picture quality and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 hours.

Product Features

  • This Philips player comes with a compact built-in rechargeable battery for long-lasting power. Up to 3 hours of continuous movie, photo and music playback enjoyment can be achieved on a single charge.
  • The screen swivels 180 to give you the optimum viewing angle for watching movies and photos. Rotate the screen or adjust it up and down to cut down on glare and get the best viewing angle possible.
  • The Philips Portable DVD player is compatible with most DVD and CD discs available in the market. DVD, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, (S)VCD, and CD – all of them can play on the DVD player.
  • The antenna on the Philips portable TV is completely detachable, allowing you to easily connect the TV up to an alternate antenna as needed. By doing so, you can be sure of reaching the best TV signal available wherever you are.
  • The high resolution (800 x 480 pixel) color LCD display brings images to life, showing off your treasured photos, favorite movies and music with the same ‘real life’ rich detail and vibrant colors as high quality prints.

2 thoughts on “Philips PET749/37 7- Inch Portable Digital LCD DTV and DVD Player with 180- Degrees swivel screen, Black”

  1. Fine little product Great value for the dollar. Sam’s sells it for under $100. I bought it mainly for the DC operation. I can connect it to a 12v battery in the event of a power outage. In Pensacola, FL we worry about hurricanes and the concomitant power outages. Previously, I used an AC/DC tv that draws a couple of hundred watts of power and that is quite a drain on the 12 volt trolling motor battery that I use as a power source. I was pleasantly surprised at the large number of air-wave stations that it…

  2. Bad customer service I ordered a new Philips PET749. It came with a blue line running through the screen. I contacted Philips who sent me the PET729 (lesser model) as a replacement. When I called them and explained that this would not work for what I needed it for. Customer service stated, that was too bad. Even though they still make the PET749 they would only replace it with a PET729 or a refund minus my shipping. So I sent the PET729 back, was out $10 shipping, and waited two weeks for a refund. I refuse to…

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