Sharp LC19SB25U 19-Inch 720p LCD HDTV

Sharp’s LC-19SB25U is a widescreen HDTV LCD TV that provides a slim design, high definition TV solution with a distinctive small foot print. It features a high-performance LCD panel for high brightness, a high contrast ratio, low-reflection glare protection and wide viewing angles. The LC-19SB25U includes ATSC/NTSC tuners to receive off-air broadcasts as well as digital cable QAM capability to receive non-scrambled digital cable programming. In addition, the LC-19SB25U is PC compatible and is an HDTV monitor for greater versatility. As an HDTV monitor, it is compatible with all 1080i and 720p signals from HDTV sources. Features include: 16 x 9: Aspect Ratio (1366 x 768) ASV LCD Panel displays 16:9 wide screen programs in their native aspect ratio. Built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC Tuners for DTV and analog TV viewing. High Brightness Sharp LCD TVs are very bright, so you can put them virtually anywhere – even near windows, doors or other light sources – and their picture is still vivid. HDMI™ Input for convenient connection to digital devices. High Contrast Ratio provides incredible images whether you’re watching dark or bright scenes!

Product Features

  • 19″ 16:9 ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner
  • Black with Bottom Low Profile Speakers
  • Headphone Jack
  • HDMI input, PC Input

3 thoughts on “Sharp LC19SB25U 19-Inch 720p LCD HDTV”

  1. Nice TV if you need a small HDTV set I got this TV compliments of the big V telco/data company. The big V telco promised customers that signed up for their Fiber Optic to the home service triple play bundle a free Sharp Aquos TV. Apparently their offer was very popular and lots of customers like me signed up during their promotion.I note that this particular Sharp LCD TV doesn’t make mention of the Aquos model/brand, tough it is a very nice HDTV set if you are in need of a smaller set. As a kitchen/dining room set,…

  2. Nice little TV After reading the other reviews here, and checking this model (and others) out at brick & mortar stores, we decided to buy it despite the negative comments on the sound/volume. As others here have noted the picture is quite nice, but more important we did not have any problems with the volume. We have not yet turned it up over maybe 1/3 of the total, and it is plenty loud enough for our living room. Granted, we are not vacuuming while watching TV, but we do have a couple of rambunctious…

  3. Very good HDTV This Sharp LCD HDTV Is great. Has a super clear picture… works flawlessly in 480P mode with my Nintendo Wii and Dvd. The built in digital tuner was able to pick up about 15 Digital HDTV Channels using a standard indoor rabbit ears antenna. I am also very impressed with the black level and contrast. Will also connect to a pc in in full 1360×768 resolution. This tv also has an optical out for connecting a dolby digital 5.1 tuner. It amazing to get True DD 5.1 surround sound from shows such as…

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