Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones + DB Tech Digital to Analog Audio Converter For TVs with a Digital Optical Output

Enjoy True Wireless Freedom with these Sony Ultimate Quality Radio Frequency Wireless Headphones and enjoy watching TV from as far as 150 feet away!!
Relax in the comfort of your couch, favorite chair or lay in your cozy bed and don’t worry about tangled wires or anyone tripping over a unnoticeable wire.

Large 40mm Driver Units Deliver Rich, Deep Bass, low distortion and a wider dynamic range.
PET Diaphragms ensure high rigidity for minimum distortion.
Powerful Ferrite Magnets combine high energy and small size, for ample sound output.
Battery charges automatically by placing headphone on transmitter (base).
Long Lasting 25 Hours Battery Life with supplied rechargeable NiCad battery.
Standard AA Alkaline Batteries Optional (not supplied).
Wireless Radio Frequency allows high fidelity sound reproduction and has a large reception range of approximately 150ft. RF does not require line of sight and works even through walls.
Design Lightweight and comfortable so you can wear them for hours on end.
Designed for Comfort Wear these lightweight headphones for hours on end with easy-adjusting, wide, soft padded headband and open-air design that allows you to continue to hear ambient sound.
Power Switch & Volume Control is mounted on the headphones with LED Indicator.
Mute: Operates even when RF signal is weak
Frequency Response: 10 – 22,000Hz
3 Channel Selection switch manually or auto scan for the best reception.
Recommended for: Home Music, Movies, Games, TV
Headband: Easy-adjusting, Wide, Soft Padded
Type: Closed-air, Dynamic
Weight: 10.59 oz with battery

High-powered transmitter/recharger
Rechargeable battery
Connecting cable
Audio converter
Optical cable
2 AC power adapters

Product Features

  • Amazing Wireless Sound – Enjoy ultimate sound with the 40mm drive units that deliver rich deep bass, powerful ferrite magnets that give you a high fidelity sound and a wide frequency response of 10 – 22000Hz delivers pristine audio, wirelessly. Noise reduction process works that the transmitter compresses the audio signal and converts it to RF signal. The headphones convert received RF signal to an audio signal and decompresses it, reducing noise picked up during transmission.
  • Radio Frequency transmission works by sending out radio frequency signals from the transmitter (base) to the wireless headphones. Radio frequency signals allow high fidelity sound reproduction and have an expanded reception range (up to 150ft) that does not require keeping the headphones within line of sight of the transmission, thus enabling listening pleasure even through walls. Three individual frequency channels with auto tuning gets you the clearest reception with no interference at all.
  • The supplied rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery lasts approximately 25 hours on a full charge and recharges automatically when you place the headphones on the base station and fully recharges an empty battery via fast recharge electromagnetic induction in just three and a half hours. Also has the option of using standard AA alkaline batteries. (Not supplied)
  • Comfort & Convenience – Durable and Strong, yet so lightweight you can wear them for hours on end, with a easy-adjusting, wide, soft padded headband, king-size earpads that completely cover the ear. Power switch and Volume Control is mounted on the headphones with an ON/OFF LED Indicator. Also the Mute feature operates even when RF signal is weak. Let your mind wander as your feet take you where they will with wireless headphones that fill your world with supreme quality audio.
  • Included Converter, Converts the digital audio signals into analog audio signals, thus allowing these superior headphones to be used with your television. Inputs include Optical Toslink as your TV’s output and outputs are analog RCA R/L or AUX 3.5mm mini output jack, so you can plug in the headphones any way you choose. Latest technology provides electromagnetic noise-free transmission. Includes 6 foot Fiber Optic, Extra Durable Heavy Duty Toslink Optical Cable with Gold Plated Connector Tips.

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  1. Read the description very carefully as it can be misleading. I just purchased this product from Amazon. In reading the description of “Sony 150 Expanded Long Range…” I thought these were better than the Sony MDRRF985RK wireless headset selling for $73.99 (today on Amazon) and some $4 less at our club discount store. So, I made the Amazon purchase and I also bought the $69.99 ones at our club store.Upon receipt I thought I would compare the sound, range, etc. Will, I didn’t even plug in the Amazon ones selling for twice as much as…

  2. THE BEST!!!!! I purchased these Sony wireless headphones to watch tv in bed. My husband has to get up early…so he complained if the volume was up on the television. Having insomnia, watching tv for an hour or so, relaxes me enough to go to sleep. The Sony MDRRF925RK headphones are the answer to my prayers!! Great reception! Volume control on one ear…on off switch on the other. I cannot say enough good about this product!! Went to the Bose store and test drove their wireless headphones before I made my…

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