Toshiba 23311083A / TB25-LMP Factory Replacement Lamp

OEM Lamp with Housing made by Phoenix. Warranty by seller.

Product Features

  • Factory Lamp.
  • OEM Product
  • Warranty From Seller

3 thoughts on “Toshiba 23311083A / TB25-LMP Factory Replacement Lamp”

  1. This is probably not a factory Toshiba Lamp The item arrived in a generic lamp box, no Toshiba markings or labels on the box or the lamp housing. This could be any generic aftermarket bulb. There is no warranty card or product registration card either. When I contacted the seller they told me it was out of a damaged new TV that was cosmetically damaged during shipping. If this was true they would not be parting out the TV, they would have sent it back to Toshiba. The item description says nothing about it coming out of a TV, it says…

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